Easter, The Ultimate Propulsion

Easter, The Ultimate Propulsion

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Cross on enter key of computer keyboardTwo preposterous impossibilities compel me to act.

The first: Christ rose from the dead. Preposterous to assert, but too many witnesses to deny.

The second: the same Spirit that returned him to life now lives in me. Even more preposterous, but also scary.

It’s one thing for some celestial being to amaze me with a power demonstration. It’s quite another for him to give me that very same power. We humans have a rotten track-record for handling power. Always have. The more we get, the more we mess it up. What was he thinking?

But then I learn, he not only gave me awesome power, he gave me free choice, too. I can do—or not do—all sorts of good works he set up ahead of time for me to do. He equipped me neither as a kindergarten teacher, nor as a Fortune 500 CEO, nor as a pastor. But I fly planes pretty well, build websites, and have a passion for writing. Any way he can use those skills to advance his Kingdom? Yep. Every day he assigns me a small piece of unlimited power to wield for ultimate good. Pretty sweet, actually.

Of course the “rising from the dead” part required dying first. Jesus had the option of turning his back on me and returning to eternity without the people-mess. He chose death instead, sacrificing himself so I could do what I was created to do. After all that, I can’t sit still. Such great love propels me forward.

What about you?