What is LibraryBox?

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What is LibraryBox?

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LibraryBox unitMAF-LT is developing a simple way to safely and easily share biblical and educational resources wirelessly using a device called, LibraryBox. A LibraryBox is a small, inexpensive device comprised of two pieces of hardware and a 5-volt power source. The files to be shared are loaded onto a USB flash drive which is then inserted into a previously formatted TP-LINK portable router. Next, the router is connected to the power source which can be the included battery (four hours endurance), or another source. Once the LibraryBox device boots up, it creates a wireless signal which is not password protected. The data on the flash drive files can then be accessed by any wireless device within range of the signal.

The LibraryBox promises to be an innovative tool for evangelism, training, and administrative applications. As an evangelistic tool, the LibraryBox’s small size and portability make it easy for missionaries to carry it wherever they go--the market, a bus, a local restaurant, etc. Once the LibraryBox’s wireless signal is on, people using wireless devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or computers that are within range of the signal, can connect their device to the LibraryBox and open a web browser (e.g. Firefox). The LibraryBox immediately directs the user to the LibraryBox’s “welcome” page and the files on the USB flash drive are available to download. The LibraryBox wireless connection allows access to only the files on the flash drive thereby enabling the user to safely explore and download any of the desired material. This provides an ideal way to discreetly share the Bible or biblical training and discipleship materials anonymously.

The LibraryBox also works as an effective training and administrative tool. It allows participants in small group meetings, Bible studies, conferences, training sessions, etc., to easily access, download, save and later share the same material. Following the recent upgrade, LibraryBox 2.0 offers the added feature of a statistics tab which anonymously displays the number of log ins, login dates, popular downloads, and the number of times each file was downloaded. It also sorts the files by download popularity. This allows those setting up LibraryBoxes to gather, record, and evaluate those statistics to more effectively tailor the materials to their audience.

Technically simple, inexpensive, portable, and discreet; MAF-LT’s LibraryBox device represents a safe, anonymous way for MAF-LT to advance the Gospel and wirelessly share quality biblical and educational resources around the world.

For more information visit: http://LibraryBox.us/