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Playing with Appropriate Technology

Playing with Appropriate Technology

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Today, inside the renovated Nate Saint house, I'm watching engineers and health workers figure out how to present complex technical issues using low literate or oral communications techniques.

This morning they practiced a novel way to help a community embrace a plan to escape the diarrhea cycle. Now these groups of water engineers, dentists, evangelists, environmental engineers, and health workers are planning how each of their disciplines would present a project to a similarly isolated community. But instead of manuals, calculators and charts, they seem to be having fun playing with paper, string and colored markers.

The rain stopped mid-morning and the clouds thinned enough for the planes across the street to takeoff. Dan got the server back online so I'll be able to post this. The right application of appropriate technology -- whether pencil, airplane, or computer -- inspires me that God does indeed work through whatever we have on hand.

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